10 Best Love Actually Moments

5. “All I Want for Christmas Is You… and You”

In order for the popular girl to notice him, eleven-year-old Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) came up with a brilliant idea – to learn the drums and play alongside her at the school concert. As the curtain drops on the love of his life, Joanna sings a beautiful rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. In the climactic final line, up to which the whole song has been building, she sings the titular words, pointing directly at Sam on the “you”. His adorable little face lights up in delight, his plan for her to fall in love with him appearing to have worked.

His expression swiftly turns to utter dejection, as she turns to point at several other concert members.

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4. The Prime Minister’s Dance

This is perhaps the most iconic Hugh Grant moment ever.

After a successful speech alongside the smarmy President of the United States (Billy Bob Thornton), the prime minister cuts loose in number 10 to The Pointer Sisters’ “Jump”, before being abruptly interrupted by his secretary.

3) Jamie Proposes to Aurelia

After spontaneously flying to Marseille, Jamie travels to Aurelia’s restaurant to ask her to marry him. Having accumulated the entire neighbourhood en route (some thinking he has come to buy Aurelia, others to kill her), Jamie proposes in front of everyone, in the Portuguese he had been laboriously teaching himself.

Aurelia accepts his proposal in English, which she reveals she has been learning, “just in cases”. Waiters suddenly whip out violins and the entire restaurant bursts into applause as she descends the stairs and they kiss.

Aurelia’s sister then taps Jamie on the shoulder and kisses him on the mouth, followed by her father.

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