10 Best Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Moments

2. Pigeon Lady to the Rescue

Whilst running away from Harry and Marv, Kevin calls the police and says he has proof of who robbed the toy store. Kevin leads the sticky bandits into central park where he has the ultimate trap set up for them. 

Kevin’s new friend, the Pigeon Lady, comes out of hiding and throws bird feed at the two criminals who, thanks to Kevin’s previous traps, are already covered in tar. The seed sticks to them and the pigeons swarm.

Kevin wins again, this time with a little help from his new friend – meanwhile Harry and Marv are escorted away in police cars.

1. A Rockefeller Reunion

Kevin’s parents spend days trying to find out where Kevin has ended up after getting on the wrong flight in Chicago, the weather in Florida hadn’t been what they were hoping for and the only thing they can find on TV to watch is It’s a Wonderful Life… in Spanish.

They are losing hope when the hotel room phone rings and they are told that Kevin used his father’s credit card to check into The Plaza hotel in New York City. 

They get on the first flight from Miami to New York, and after chasing around the city to try and find Kevin, Kate remembers how much Kevin loves Christmas trees and finally finds her little boy by the biggest tree in the city: the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree. 

Kevin wishes on the star at the top of the tree for his family to find him, and in that moment he turns around to see his mum walking towards him. Kevin quickly thanks the star for its quick work, and then runs to his mother for a heartfelt reunion. 

It’s a truly magical Christmas moment and would be the final curtain call of an extraordinary two-film run from Culkin and company in some of the most iconic Christmas movies ever made.

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