10 Best Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Moments

5. “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal… and a Happy New Year.”

As the Plaza staff attempt to catch Kevin and kick him out of their fancy hotel, the troublesome child has an old trick up his sleeve. 

Using his voice recorder, he plays the clip from the old black and white crime film Angels with Filthy Souls that we are all familiar with from the first film. 

Playing the clip from the bedroom whilst the staff are all in the lounge, Curry and company are each shown to be terrified of the ominous yelling coming from the other room.

Kevin even manages to get them on their knees and at his disposal whilst he runs from the room down the fire escape. Famously, Kevin hangs around long enough to lip sync the famous “Merry Christmas ya filthy animals… and a happy new year!”. 

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4. Kevin Sets Traps… Again.

The Plaza’s staff aren’t even half of Kevin’s problems whilst he is lost in New York. Harry and Marv are on his tail after he caught them robbing the toy store. 

Kevin makes his way to his uncle’s house, which is empty and in the middle of renovation, a perfect place to catch the criminals and set up some of those brilliant traps that worked so well in the first film. 

Begin operation Ho Ho Ho and some of the most creative and funny sequences in any Christmas film ever made.

3. Harry and Marv Pay the Price

Clearly having learned nothing from their first run-in with Kevin McCallister, Harry and Marv get what’s coming to them when they enter Kevin’s Uncle’s house, which is of course filled with traps. 

Harry is cautiously turning on all the lights in each room he goes in, knowing not to trust Kevin. After realising it’s safe to turn on the lights, he becomes cocky and walks into the bathroom with no cares, which results in his hat being set on fire.

It’s in this moment that we are graced with the great Joe Pesci (Goodfellas; The Irishman) doing a handstand over the toilet in an attempt to use the toilet water to put out the fire on his head.

It’s simply phenomenal stuff – one of the best moments of this film, or any film, released to date. 

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