10 Best Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Moments

8. The Roof of the Theatre

Kevin finds himself running panicked through Central Park whilst fleeing from Harry and Marv. He comes across a lot of homeless people including the infamous “Pigeon Lady” (Brenda Fricker) who he starts chatting with. He offers to buy her a hot chocolate and find somewhere warmer to sit. She says she knows of a place they can go.

Pigeon Lady takes Kevin up into the roof of a Broadway theatre where she seemingly lives with her pigeons. The duo talk a lot about life and how things went wrong for her in her past.

Kevin tells her that people need each other during the holidays and he promises not to forget about her. A promise he keeps. 

It’s a wonderful moment of sincerity and Christmas heartiness in a film mostly filled with laughs and throwbacks to the original.

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7. The Concierge Gets Put in His Place

Kevin sneakily finds himself staying in the most prestigious hotel in Manhattan: The Plaza. Whilst staying there, he becomes familiar with the lobby staff – the concierge (Tim Curry), the bell boy (Rob Schnieder) and the desk clerk (Dana Ivey). The trio don’t believe that a 10 year old boy could be staying at The Plaza unsupervised, so they take it upon themselves to find out what’s going on. 

The concierge lets himself into Kevin’s room to do some snooping, but finds Kevin in the shower singing to the radio. 

Earlier in the film, we saw Kevin sneak into the bathroom whilst Uncle Frank was singing in the shower, something Kevin had recorded on his voice recorder.

Here, Kevin plays the tape, tricking the concierge into thinking the person in the shower is in fact Kevin’s adult supervision. 

Tim Curry shines throughout the film, and particularly in this scene where he is put in his place by an inflatable doll and a voice recording. 

6. “KEVIN!”… Again.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Catherine O’Hara yet again has the shock realisation that she has forgotten her son, only this time it takes place in Miami airport when the family realise they have flown all the way to Florida without knowing Kevin is not with them. 


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