10 Best Godzilla Franchise Monsters

8. Gigan

One of the stranger but more iconic monster adversaries in Godzilla’s classic era, Gigan is supposed to be an extra-terrestrial reptile turned into a cyborg but more closely resembles an alien chicken with a glowing visor for eyes and a circular saw in his chest.

In his debut appearance, while under the control of the Nebulans (insectoid aliens disguised as humans and bent on world destruction), he is teamed with Ghidorah in order to subdue Godzilla, and at one point even manages to draw blood from the King of the Monsters.

Most Monstrous Moment: Godzilla and Anguirus – but mostly Godzilla – must hold off both Gigan and Ghidorah long enough to allow the humans to break the alien control over the monsters. (Godzilla vs Gigan)

7. SpaceGodzilla

Like Godzilla, only from space, SpaceGodzilla is made up of particles of several monsters merged together in the black void and ends up looking very much like his earthbound progenitor but with a protective crystalline structure on his back and the ability to fly.

The genetic material from previous battles resulting in a brand new threat is a great idea, and this monster’s final appearance as a meaner, more beastly Godzilla with more armour, defences and a serious temper problem makes him a credible threat from the off.

Most Monstrous Moment: During his flight to Earth, SpaceGodzilla destroys an entire space station in seconds. (Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla)

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6. Biollante

Biollante is such a strange Kaiju.

A man-made genetic hybrid using the DNA of Godzilla, a rose and a human, it starts off as an angry flower with grasping tentacles and evolves into a towering crocodile-looking thing made of plant material. It is probably the antagonist with the most blatant political message behind it after Hedorah that has fought Godzilla to date.

90s Godzilla films were big on environmentalism and anti-nuclear themes, and so we ended up with a particularly unusual, unpredictable and shape-changing monster adversary for the big lizard; one that maybe didn’t deserve its eventual fate, born as it was out of a father’s grief and desire to bring life to a desert.

Most Monstrous Moment: Biollante appearing as a cloud of glowing spores from the sky before reincorporating in its most powerful form for the final battle. (Godzilla vs Biollante)

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