10 Best Films of All Time (According to a 9 Year Old Girl)

5. The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King Review

Quite why the 2019 iteration of The Lion King is Lydia’s preferred version of this Disney classic is up for debate, but it’s quite possible that she hasn’t yet worked out that the animals showcased are actually fake.

The funny thing about The Lion King (2019) is that it is less easy to decipher which characters are which than it is in the original, and critics around the world were keen to point out how lifeless each character and many of the iconic sequences seemed, yet Disney’s quite remarkable efforts in presenting these animals as realistic is actually the biggest selling point for this nine year old. It’s like a child’s dream come to life, complete with catchy songs and funny moments. Zazu is one of her favourites – especially during the bird’s interactions with Scar.

4. Jurassic World (2015)

One word: dinosaurs.

Less scary (mostly) than the 1993 original Jurassic Park, 2015’s Jurassic World seems more accessible to children and has far more dinosaurs to ogle at than Spielberg’s original, and it’s all presented as if a trip to a Universal theme park. What more could a nine year old want?

Critics were divided on Jurassic World, lauding it for its graphics and some of its more inspired moments, but the consensus seemed to be that it didn’t live up to the first Jurassic Park. Not that it matters to Lydia, who is absolutely engrossed upon every single re-watch.

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3. Frozen (2013)

The three words that every adult on the planet was well and truly tired of for most of the 2010s: “Let it go!”

Frozen was a cultural phenomenon and the first mega-hit of the new CG era of Walt Disney Animation, and that wasn’t missed by this little girl.

Elsa dresses, Anna dresses, full toy line-ups, the original movie on repeat, then the follow-up short film on repeat, then a trip to the cinema for the sequel. Frozen is life. Frozen is love. Just about every girl in the world loves this movie, and Lydia is one of them.

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