10 Best Films 2021: Annice White

8. Rebel Dykes

Rebel Dykes Review

Rebel Dykes is a visual punk zine, a montage of talking heads, archive footage and cartoons; a documentary as enjoyable as it is informative.

Exploring the notion that being a lesbian is as much a political identity as it is a sexual identity, Rebel Dykes explores the Rebel Dykes, a group of women that felt separated from the mainstream ideals of what it was to be a lesbian. They were unapologetically sexual and, despite being against violence, they faced backlash from within the lesbian community.

Although exploring serious topics, Rebel Dykes has a humour and playfulness to it. It is a unique and fun documentary to be enjoyed by all, but especially by politically-minded lesbians.

7. Supernova

Supernova Review

Supernova is so good that you can be forgiven for loving this film even though the two main actors are straight men playing a gay couple. Yes, even in the year 2021. Here, the characters do not need to be gay as it does not necessarily change anything about the plot.

Supernova is part road trip, part farewell dinner to Stanley Tucci’s Tusker, an author who is struggling with early onset dementia. The central performances by both Tucci and Colin Firth are amazing, and they form a believable intimacy that becomes the backbone of their on-screen relationship.

The film is slow in the best way, and it is heart-breaking but also funny. It is is also shot beautifully, and would make a perfect choice for a cosy winter movie night.

6. Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal Review

There has clearly been a lot of time and effort given to the making of Sound of Metal. From sound design to the original songs of central band Backgammon, every element of Darius Marder’s world feels realistic.

Sound of Metal takes on every emo kid’s biggest fear (one that our parents warned us about): losing your hearing when music is your life. Ruben (Riz Ahmed in a powerful lead performance) loses his hearing and is being warned to stay away from loud noises, which is difficult as he is in a metal duo with his girlfriend Lou (Olivia Cooke).

The film does not go where you predict it to go, and it becomes a lot more than you might first expect. It is a shame that Sound of Metal was quietly released on Amazon with such a short cinema run, though perhaps it was just another victim of the industry’s push for money-making blockbusters.

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