Second Cut’s Top 10 Best Films of All Time

The Film Magazine writers put out their Top 10 Films lists, and the team at Second Cut Pod detail ours here.

Movies discussed include The Godfather, Seven Samurai, Blade Runner, The Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Pan’s Labyrinth, and many, many more.

The goal of our top 10 lists here at The Film Magazine was to help showcase our team’s personalities and spotlight movies that are important to film history and ourselves. Everyone’s lists are worth a read, as the different approaches, perspectives, and personal histories brought something unique that other writers had not seen before.

As Kieran noted in his list, these are not necessarily favorite films, though there is some crossover. Jacob’s list aims to cover Western film history from the silent era through 2016, the latest entry on his list. Kieran’s approach was to showcase “the peak of cinematic mastery,” and controversially includes a film trilogy as one entry (a fun topic of debate amongst the hosts). Sam’s list spans genre and history to find the films that impacted him the most throughout his life. Since there are 30 different films discussed, this episode is a bit longer than usual, and is the first of the new livestream episode format. Each approach yielded a list unique to the podcast, and we are proud to present the Second Cut episode on the Top 10 Best Films of All Time.

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The Film Magazine’s Team page, with links to everyone’s Top 10 lists in their bio!

Jacob Davis: Jacob’s Top 10 Best Films of All Time

Kieran Judge: Kieran’s Top 10 Best Films of All Time

Sam Sewell-Peterson: Sam’s Top 10 Best Films of All Time

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Join us for our next episode, where we go back to our roots and discuss famous film flops! Because who doesn’t love a box office bomb with a fun story? Elizabeth Taylor’s old Hollywood epic Cleopatra, the Robert De Niro and Liza Minnelli musical New York, New York, and the Michael Cimino western Heaven’s Gate will all make an appearance.

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