Kieran Judge

Staff Writer

Kieran Judge is a writer from Wales with MA degrees in Creative Writing and Film Producing. He’s got a deep love of horror, scifi, fantasy, and all things generally speculative and genre-based. His biggest film wish is that Del Toro finally gets his At The Mountains of Madness movie made. He’s also one of three ranting nutjobs on the Second Cut podcast for The Film Magazine.

Film is the world. It is the simulacra and the simulation. It is every job, every medium, every art, every viewpoint, every world, every race, every creed, every story, every idea, every dream and nightmare, every lover and hater and ruler and gutter-rat, the entirety of human history and ideas and concept, captured on celluloid. It is both part of our cultural consciousness, and the rulebook for it. If, as Stephen King said, ‘Fiction is the truth inside the lie’, then film is truth in a beam of light.

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“It’s all a movie. It’s all one great big movie. Only you can’t pick your genre.”

– Scream (1996)