JJ Abrams Directed Movies Ranked

JJ Abrams is the only man in history to helm both Star Trek and Star Wars movies, and with a fair degree of success no less. His screen presence has been felt for upwards of two decades, with his many producing roles in television (‘Fringe’, ‘Lost’, ‘Person of Interest’) and film (Cloverfield, Infinitely Polar Bear, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) accompanying screenwriting credits on half of his filmography as a director, as well as 90s movies Gone Fishing and Armageddon, to name but a few. He has, in his relatively young career as a director, been touted by the incomparable Steven Spielberg as a rightful heir to the sci-fi blockbuster throne and has gained the trust of sci-fi fans with his careful handling of a number of related genres and franchises. In this edition of Ranked, it shall be each of his directed feature-length cinematic releases that shall be judged on their quality and ranked in order from worst to best.

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6. Mission: Impossible III (2006)

MI3 JJ Abrams Cruise

Taking over a franchise like Mission Impossible in the height of Tom Cruise’s movie-leading powers would have overcome most debut directors, but what Abrams managed to produce was a very solid outing for the franchise that became all the proof studios needed for the director to move on to other franchises in the years since.

This film was illustrative of how well Abrams casts and presents the villains of his movies, with Philip Seymour Hoffman offering one of the better performances of any villain in the Mission Impossible franchise.

It certainly certified Abrams as an emerging talent, and though its positioning at the bottom (or top) of this list seems to be somewhat damming, Mission: Impossible III was still a very good film worthy of inclusion on many an action/sci-fi director’s ‘top’ list, and is therefore proof of the strength of his filmography.

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