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2. Babyteeth – 24/24

“Gradually, as the reality of Milla’s illness comes into focus, we see just how important it is to dance and enjoy the impish euphoria of young love. Milla takes every opportunity to express her emotions through music, frequently bursting into dance alongside the film’s infectious soundtrack, or by playing beautifully sombre music on her violin. Milla’s affinity with music encapsulates Murphy’s refreshing stance on the ‘dying girlfriend’ genre, declaring that the magic of life is in the simplicity of every day, be it a flirtatious dance in a karaoke dive bar or a family gathering around a piano at a simple birthday party.” – Leoni Horton

Babyteeth Review

1. Portrait of a Lady on Fire – 24/24

Celine Sciamma Portrait of a Lady on Fire Movie

“This experiential film from a woman providing a loud, remarkable and unmissable voice to women across the industry and beyond, is truly one of the greatest put to screen so far this century. From the very first frame in which the director entices the eye, Portrait of a Lady on Fire feels special, and it only grows in how extraordinary it is from there. This is more than a simple statement, it is a modern masterpiece of cinema. Timeless and incomparable, it has to be seen to be believed.” – Joseph Wade

Portrait of a Lady on Fire Review

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