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5. The Assistant – 24/24

“There are plenty of films about the artistic side of filmmaking, but very few about the business side of the industry and next-to-none about the mountain of daily office work involved in actually getting films made. Kitty Green’s The Assistant is one of those rare films, not to mention that it hosts important discussions about abuse in the workplace, the dark side of the entertainment industry and gender inequality. It’s also one of the best films of 2020 so far.” – Sam Sewell-Peterson

The Assistant Review

4. The Lighthouse – 24/24

Willem Dafoe Robert Pattinson Lighthouse

“Films like this are why cinema exists. It takes advantage of the form’s unique qualities to deliver a brilliant work of horror. There’s nothing you can watch that is like The Lighthouse. It takes a classic visual style and adapts it to current sensibilities and tastes while remaining engrossing and mysterious.” – Jacob Davis

The Lighthouse Review

3. One Night in Miami – 24/24

One Night in Miami doesn’t attempt to hide from its theatrical origins. King uses the claustrophobia of the small hotel room to bring added tension to her sizable chunks of weighty dialogue. This isn’t to say that the film is not cinematic: cinematographer, Tami Reiker, keeps tensions moving through an artistic assortment of varying vantage points, and King keeps the action on its toes by getting her characters out of the hotel room as much as possible, taking them to the roof, the car-park and the local liquor store – demonstrating that she knows exactly when to give her scenes the space they need to breathe.” – Leoni Horton

One Night in Miami Review

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