5 Reasons Why Klaus (2019) Is an Amazing Christmas Film

3. It Has Saami Representation

Despite the well known legend that Santa lives in Lapland/The North Pole, it’s very rare to see any indigenous representation, and Santa and his Elves are very often Americanised. Although we are still yet to see a Santa of Turkish origin in Western, English Language cinema (even though St Nicholas was Turkish), the Saami representation in Klaus is a step in the right direction.

Here, the Saami community are the opposite of the Smeerensburg inhabitants – they are happy, caring, and colourful, with the adorable Margu being our first introduction to them. They are given Saami features, they speak the Saami language, and wear the traditional garments, finally giving accurate representation to those who actually live where Santa is meant to be. Of course, this would all be for naught if the actors voicing the Saami characters weren’t of Saami origin, but we aren’t let down as all voices are provided by those of Finno-Ugric backgrounds.

4. There Are Proper Character Arcs

It is often a difficult feat in any film to nail characters arcs, and many times characters end up feeling two dimensional (no pun intended) or their arc doesn’t tend to make sense. However, in Klaus, every character goes through a fully fleshed out and explained 180 degree change.

Klaus goes from a depressed recluse, to a holly jolly, warm man, thanks to Jesper forcing him out of his shell; Jesper changes from a spoilt brat who only cares about himself to a selfless and loving postman, due to experiencing the love of those around him; the entire population of Smeerensburg, barring the heads of the Ellingboe and Krum families, morph from angry and hateful people into those who care about each other and offer help to others.

Each change the characters go through is motivated by another’s good will, making the film’s core message of “A true selfless act always sparks another” ring true throughout the narrative.

5. There Are No Forced Love Stories

Films aimed at children (as well as films aimed at adults) sometimes find themselves falling into the trap of love stories happening simply because those two people are the main characters. Love at first sight is an outdated message, and one we certainly shouldn’t be teaching to children anymore, which is another reason why Klaus is amazing!

The minor love story between Klaus and Lydia is incredibly healthy despite not showing how it developed; they love each other very much and stay devoted to one another even after Lydia is gone. The much more central love story between Jesper and Alva is developed properly as they spend time together, help one another, and support one another in the things they do. Although this may seem to be a small aspect of this film and many like it, it is actually very important, especially in children’s films as it teaches kids that you should love and respect the person you’re with and not just marry someone you danced with one time at a party.

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Even though Klaus was released as recently as 2019, it already feels as though it has solidified itself as a Christmas classic; it really does create a special place in your heart and is worth watching time after time.

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