10 Best Raw Moments

5. The Car Crash

Moments after a violent accident, Justine and Alexia are forced to confront the nature of Justine’s growing appetite.

The scene begins with a quiet talk between sisters and then quickly escalates to Alexia throwing herself in front of a moving car. Justine is initially shocked, but realizes that Alexia has done this on purpose to kill the driver and the passenger. “I did this for you”, Alexia snarls as Justine looks on in horror. 

This is a turning point in the film – the moment Justine’s desires are known but she can’t quite face them. We see Alexia as the impulsive voice of reason in a situation where there is no reason to have one.

From this moment on, it’s all downhill…

4. Adrien’s Death

After yet another awful, over-the-top night out, Justine wakes up in bed next to Adrien. It’s what she’s wanted this whole time. He’s the thing she’s longed for, dreamed of, desperately pined for. And yet…when she pulls down the covers she realizes that Adrien is soaked in blood and his leg has been chewed through as if by an animal.

Her dream, like it always does, has cultivated in ruin. She shakes his shoulders yelling “why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you fight back?”, but it’s no use, he’s gone. 

We are left in stunned silence after this moment. We’ve grown to know Adrien as a figure with power over Justine, who holds a certain kind of spell over her. It’s odd to see him in this horrible position. We must grapple with the questions: what does it mean to have power? How does one acquire power?

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3. The Sex Scene

In an intense and brutal moment of intimacy, Ducournau really flexes her skills.

The scene is a perfectly choreographed dance between frenzied and desperate Justine and her aloof but sexually promiscuous roommate, Adrien. It’s a scene about wanting what you can’t have, or taking what you don’t need.

Justine continuously tries to bite Adrien, harder and harder as she becomes more overcome with desire. He pushes her off and eventually Justine bites into her own skin. She begins to bleed and an alien expression overtakes her face.

This moment is utterly fascinating, leaving us paralyzed in fear. Will she kill him? Will she snap?

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