10 Best Raw Moments

2. The Finger

Justine’s desires are first actualized after a horrifying accident involving Alexia, her finger, and a pair of rogue scissors.

Alexia is perfectly crazy. She borders the line of typical neurotic teen and real-life psychopath. We never quite know her next move – will she comfort her sister? Will she completely ignore her? Only Alexia knows. 

As she lies unconscious, her severed finger next to her, Justine seizes the moment and begins to devour the flesh. We are spared no mercy and show each horrifying chomp Justine takes on the appendage. It’s a deliciously disgusting moment and definitely one that you’ll be gritting your teeth through. 

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1. The Father’s Final Monologue

The last few moments of Raw are what take the film from great to incredible.

Alexia and Justine’s father have just locked up his eldest daughter and understand that the family will never be the same. He sits across from Justine, surveying the damage the year has taken on the girls. Slowly, and without adjusting his countenance, he recounts his time at the same school that Justine and Alexia have been attending. Then he rolls up his shirt and reveals a matrix of complex and angry wounds.

“You’ll find something that works for you”, he smirks, and the credits roll.

The ending perfectly summarizes the complex themes while never compromising its understated and deeply violent nature. It leaves us wanting more, despite what our gut may be telling us.

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As one of the most highly-regarded horrors of the 21st century, Julia Ducournau’s Raw probably caused a visceral reaction in you when you saw it for the first time. Which moments made you cringe the most? Which did you find most disturbing? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow @thefilmagazine on Facebook and X (Twitter) for more insightful movie lists.

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