10 Best Home Alone Moments

8. Kevin Meets Old Man Marley in Church

After a long day of fending for himself, Kevin heads to Church to listen to the rehearsal of the Christmas choir.

While sitting in one of the vast church’s many pews, Kevin notices his scary neighbour, Old Man Marley, sat close by. Marley notices Kevin’s attention and moves to sit next to him, proceeding to tell Kevin his story of how he lost contact with his son and how he visits the choir rehearsals as it’s the only time and place he can see his granddaughter. 

Kevin opens his heart and provides a moment of wisdom when he explains to Mr. Marley that his feud with his son is pointless and he should fix it. We later see the results of this moving conversation as Marley welcomes his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter into his house on Christmas Day to offer the happiest ending for all concerned.

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7. Fuller’s Pepsi Overload

Macaulay is not the only Culkin to appear in the McCallister family. Kevin’s younger brother Fuller is played by Kieran Culkin (‘Succession’), and although he features in only a small role, he still gets his moment to shine. 

As the family are all running around in a chaotic bid to get everything packed for their trip, they sit down for a big pizza takeout meal and Fuller gets caught drinking too much Pepsi. When he is told to “go easy on the Pepsi”, we get a supremely comical moment from the younger Culkin as he looks almost directly into the camera with an exaggerated grin.

This is just one of the many small details and little laughs that makes this film the huge success that it is. 

6. Kevin’s New Bathroom Regime

Kevin is enjoying his new found freedom shortly after getting his Christmas wish for his family to disappear.

Cue “White Christmas”, as sung by The Drifters.

This is Kevin’s time to perform in front of his bathroom mirror. After singing into a comb, he tries using aftershave for the very first time. The result… pain. And one of the most iconic movie moments of all time.

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