10 Best Home Alone Moments

5. Kevin Defends His House

The McCallister household is under attack by some local cat burglars, so it’s Kevin’s time to step up and defend his home. 

Kevin’s childish whit and imaginative creations are put together in the perfect montage.

It’s a truly great scene held together by Culkin’s endless cuteness and perfect comedic timing.

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4. Mum Makes it Home in Time for Christmas

Kate makes it home in time to spend Christmas Day with Kevin.

After her long journey with Gus and the Polka guys, Kate finally makes it back to her big and close to empty house to find it sparkling clean, Christmas tree decorated and fire burning as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. 

Kevin appears in the hallway, and an emotional reunion between mother and son takes place.

It’s a truly beautiful moment that summarises the very meaning of Christmas – to be with one another, and to care for each other.

Only a few seconds later, the rest of the family come piling in through the front door and normalcy is resumed. Kevin is no longer home alone. 

3. “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal.”

It’s not Christmas if you don’t see jumpers, Christmas cards, wrapping paper and merchandise adorned with the most commonly quoted line in the whole of Home Alone… “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!”

When Harry (Pesci) and Marv (Stern) are trying to break into the McCallister house, Kevin uses the audio of an old black and white crime movie to scare them off. The character in Angels with Filthy Souls, a made up movie (the most famous fake movie-in-a-movie of all time), mutters the famous line “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal” before unleashing rapid gunfire towards his on-screen foe, causing Marv (who believes the character to be a real person inside the house) to run for his life. 

Smug Kevin just sits back and enjoys the “old classic” whilst his intruders flee.

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