10 Best Home Alone Moments

2. Harry and Marv Get Their Just Desserts

Harry is first introduced as, what seems to be, a friendly neighbourhood police officer doing the rounds before all the families on the street go on their Christmas vacations. We soon come to understand that he’s actually a lowly criminal scouting the area to see which houses are going to be empty over the holidays, his gold tooth gleaming against the house lights.

Little do they know, until they eventually break into the McCallister home, that Kevin has been left behind. And, as a direct result of him catching on to their plan, Kevin has set up a series of traps to ensure that they can’t get around the house without being seriously hurt. 

Kevin leaves a series of booby-traps and dangers around the house – everything from heating the door knob to releasing his brother’s pet tarantula – ultimately having the gruesome twosome arrested and sent to prison.

1. “KEVIN!”

Iconic and nothing short of performative genius, Catherine O’Hara’s delivery of the line “Kevin!” is second to none – so good they even included it in the sequel.

It is perhaps even more iconic than “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal”, but holds a greater function in the overall narrative, earning Kevin’s mum sympathy despite how she has left her child at home.

Simply, it’s the greatest moment in a terrific family film.

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