10 Best Bad Santa Moments

8. Fuckstick

Literally seconds after meeting his brand-new manager for the first time, Willie finds himself defending his sexual prowess. Something that’s very important to him. Bob Chipeska’s (John Ritter in his last ever film role) reaction to the word “fuckstick” is brilliant, like he has just eaten a coal-flavoured candy cane. He goes on to report it with a completely straight face to Gin, head of mall security, lamenting the fact he can’t fire Willie immediately. ‘He’s not going to say fuckstick in front of the children, is he?’ No Bob, he’s going to say much much worse.

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7. Fuck Me Santa

Sue the barmaid (Lauren Graham) has a deep-running Santa fetish. And she knows what she likes. Her obsession with Mr Claus is so great she seems completely oblivious to Willie’s chaotic and somewhat worrying life choices. Straddling him in the car, screaming for him to keep the hat on, is fantastically festive.

6. Gin Isn’t on the up and Up

Gin (Bernie Mac) has been trailing Willie and Marcus, leading the audience to believe the pair will be scuppered by this orange-feasting, pedicure-loving, no-shit officer of the law. All becomes clear in this moment though. He has no plans to turn them in, but he certainly isn’t going to let them off entirely. He has blackmail on his mind. Gin and Marcus bargaining over the percentage is butt-clenchingly awkward. From now on, Willie and Marcus start to drift apart, which ultimately saves Willie’s life.

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