Your Holiday Guide to Bad Halloween Movies

Bedeviled (2016)

Bedeviled Horror Film Still

Imagine if Siri was a malevolent guy in a bowtie who could manifest physically in the world. That’s the premise of Bedeviled, a film that can best be summarized as a poor attempt to say “social media and phones are dangerous”.

This might be the best looking movie on the list, but the acting is mediocre. You barely get the impression that this group of friends are that close, your only clue is that they hang out a lot. “She wasn’t in gym last week, and I texted her and she didn’t reply,” a girl says about her best friend. That’s just a taste of the clunky dialogue. Almost every scene contains on-the-nose exposition just in case the audience can’t quite follow along with the complicated premise of an evil app that kills people.

Truth or Dare (2018)

Truth or Dare Movie 2018

Yes, it’s the 2018 Blumhouse thriller.

This movie based on a middle school party game sends its protagonists to Mexico to get them playing. They return home, only to realize that the game plays them instead (“We’re not playing the game, it’s playing us” is a direct quote). Truth or dare action is signalled visually by a character’s mouth unnaturally forming into a wide smile while they tilt their head downward, which isn’t as creepy as the filmmakers seem to think. 

Slender Man (2018)

Slender Man Movie Still

If you’re a fan of terrible movies, go watch it. It’s got everything: a lame plot, awful characters, bad dialogue, and cuts that take anything potentially worth watching out of the film. It’s near the peak of unoriginality despite having a wealth of internet lore to borrow from. You know how much it takes to buy a story from a fanfiction writer? Not nearly as much as a crappy yet relatively high budget movie will cost you at the box office.

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The Bye Bye Man (2017)

The Bye Bye Man Movie

Can you think of a worse name for a pseudo-demonic antagonist?

I watched this opening weekend. The trailers were captivating for their ability to gradually deteriorate into an exposé of terrible CGI over a poorly adapted short-story plot. It’s basically the laziest gothic horror you can imagine, with characters descending into madness in absolutely hilarious ways because they can’t stop thinking about The Bye Bye Man. They aren’t alone, as I haven’t stopped thinking about their atrocious film either.

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