The Film Mobcast – Ep. 1

Earphones at the ready for the debut episode of The Film Magazine’s first-ever podcast, The Film Mobcast, hosted by relative amateurs (but budding big-time talk show hosts) Joseph Wade and Katie Doyle, who discuss what’s happening in the world of film this week, and evaluate the career of the legendary Leonard Nimoy.

Throughout this 67-minute episode, recorded with frankly amateur-hour equipment from within the confines of the University of York in the United Kingdom, our hosts discuss film wizards – from Albus Dumbledore of Harry Potter to Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, and beyond – as well as the inevitability of an ‘Independence Day 2’ lacking Will Smith, and a fitting tribute to Star Trek’s iconic Spock, filmmaker and actor Leonard Nimoy who sadly passed away recently at 83 years of age.

Please note: this episode was once housed on Soundcloud but is now exclusively available via YouTube and accessible only via the video embedded on this page.

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