Robert Pattinson Is ‘The Batman’

Sources close to the new Batman movie at Warner Bros have confirmed to reporters at Variety that, after months of rumours following the departure of Ben Affleck from the lead role, ‘The Batman’ will move forward with a new caped crusader in Twilight, Good Time and High Life actor Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson, whose career following Twilight has seen the actor move towards more art-house and low-budget artistic ventures, is in advanced negotiations to headline the cast as Bruce Wayne/The Batman in the latest iteration of the famous series.

Robert Pattinson Batman News

Pattinson recently starred in Claire Denis sci-fi thriller High Life (pictured).

The Batman was initially supposed to be a release written, directed by and starring Ben Affleck, whose presence in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League was apparently dependent upon him being able to fulfil these duties. In January of 2017, following Affleck’s huge financial flop Live By Night (also distributed by Warner Bros.), the A-List filmmaker removed himself from the director’s chair. He was confirmed to be departing the acting part of his role in early 2019.

Taking the mantle from Affleck is Cloverfield and War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves whose revisions of Affleck’s original script sparked early rumours that Affleck was to depart his role, the subsequent failure of Justice League on a critical and financial level causing DC to reshuffle at board level and establish a new DCEU without Affleck or his co-star Henry Cavill (Superman). As early as Justice League’s release in 2017, Pattinson has been linked with the role, this latest development seemingly confirming him as Reeves’ first choice for his new look Batman.

Pattinson, now 32, has worked with Warner Bros in the past on the Harry Potter franchise and will re-team with them for Christopher Nolan’s next film, though this will be his first collaboration with Matt Reeves.

The Batman, which still doesn’t have an official release date, has been in development for much of the past 4 years with various creators offering their insight to the script. Back in 2016 the film even cast (and shot some test footage) with Magic Mike and Knight of Cups actor Joe Manganiello as famed DC villain Deathstroke, though it is unclear as to whether the actor is still attached to the project.

Filming for The Batman is rumoured to be starting in late 2019 or early 2020.

Warner/DC’s next release, The Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, is due for release on 4th October 2019.


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