New ‘Child’s Play’ Movie Revealed

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MGM are fast-tracking a remake of iconic 1988 horror movie Child’s Play.

The original movie told the tale of a children’s doll possessed by the spirit of a psychopathic serial killer, and MGM are said to be returning the franchise to these roots via video game and Kung Fury 2 screenwriter Tyler Burton Smith’s script.

The remake will see the franchise return to MGM for the first time since the release of the 1988 original film, reclaiming the rights from Universal who oversaw production on its ill-fated sequels, some of which featured the doll being married and having children.

The Norwegian director of the upcoming horror film Polaroid, Lars Klevbergis attached to direct the project which is set to start shooting as early as September. IT producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith will produce the film.

The movie has yet to be given a release date.


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