10 Best Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Moments

2. The Door Between Father and Son

Arguably at the heart of Into the Spider-Verse is Miles’ relationship with his dad. Despite their best efforts, at multiple points in the film it’s apparent that Miles and Jefferson are not always on the same page. Hence why Miles finds so much solace in his uncle Aaron. 

After Aaron’s death, Jefferson approaches his son to console him and share mutual grief. It is a chance for the father to truly connect with his son. Miles is unable to talk, however, with Peter having webbed his mouth shut. Jefferson knows Miles is in there and talks to him through the door. He tells him he doesn’t want them to drift apart. Miles tears up and presses his head against the door, as Jefferson does the same on the other side. They share a silent moment of connection and understanding as Miles realizes that his father truly cares for him. Its a beautifully sincere moment bound to get viewers misty eyed. 

Jefferson tells Miles he loves him but follows it up with “you don’t have to say it back though.” This heartbreaking callback to the beginning of the film suggests a broken father/son relationship, setting up the emotional stakes for the film’s climax. Jefferson’s powerful words are the catalyst for Miles to finally break free of his fears. 

It’s a moment that so many other comic book movies forget to do, ground the characters in real human emotions. It’s this skilful integration that puts Into the Spider-verse above its peers and why audiences connect to it now as much as they did upon its initial release. 

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1. “That’s all it is Miles, a leap of faith.”

This scene represents a pivotal moment in Miles’ character arc. It symbolizes his personal and superheroic growth. It signifies his willingness to take on the responsibilities of being Spider-Man and to overcome self-doubt.

The most iconic shot, that of Miles falling through the air, is cleverly flipped so that Miles is instead rising. He is becoming the hero he’s destined to be, finally living up to the potential his family always saw in him. It is a shot that is so brilliant that it has become a poster for the entire comic book genre, joining the likes of the first Avengers team-up shot and Christopher Reeve’s Superman soaring through the skies. 

The song choice – “What’s Up Danger” by Blackway & Black Caviar – yet again displays the filmmakers’ masterful marrying of music and motion, with the adrenaline-pumping music syncing seamlessly with the dynamic animation. The line “can’t stop me now,” as Miles successfully attaches a web to a skyscraper creates a sense of empowerment, capturing the exhilaration of a superhero embracing their destiny. 

The sequence has become iconic over the years, resonating for its emotional depth, stunning visuals, and the perfect synchronisation of music and storytelling. It marks a turning point in Miles’ journey, symbolizing his transformation into a fully-fledged Spider-Man. And not just that, but his own Spider-Man complete with his own custom suit. The red and black combination pops on screen, and the spray painted logo gives an urban and homemade feel to it, playing into Miles’ relatability. 

It is the greatest moment in the film because it encapsulates everything Into the Spider-verse has been about until this point. He has taken Peter’s advice, and taken that leap of faith. The result is a scene that is, above all else, inspiring. And isn’t that the very essence of a superhero? 

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With so many moments as powerful as these, its no surprise that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse continues to inspire and captivate. But which moments stand out to you? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to follow @thefilmagazine on Facebook and X (Twitter) for more insightful movie lists.

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