Fox to Push ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ for Best Picture Oscar

According to Deadline, 20th Century Fox are gearing up a campaign to try and get War for the Planet of the Apes – the company’s finale to their latest series of Planet of the Apes movies – nominated for Best Picture at the 2018 Oscars.

Fox have reportedly already hired two highly sought after awards consultants to formulate a plan through which Fox can push the film into the vision of academy voters, with their intention being to grab a high number of technical nominations from which to springboard their Best Picture chances.

War for the Planet of the Apes producer Peter Chernin said of the possibility of a nomination:

“I’m incredibly proud of this movie, and I do believe that on almost any level of storytelling, character development, narrative thrusts, or epic-ness, this is an extraordinary movie. In the past people probably have tended to sort of genre-ize it and sort of look at it, well, as if it is a genre movie and not take it as seriously as they should, and I think that you know our view is that this movie deserves serious consideration. Certainly it’s been made with a level of ambition, care, and attention that’s as meaningful as anything I’ve ever worked on.”

There have also been rumblings that Fox will be attempting to get War star Andy Serkis some form of special recognition for his motion capture work on the movie, though these reports are unconfirmed.

The news follows the revelation that Warner Bros. are pushing for their hugely successful Wonder Woman movie to be nominated in the Best Picture category too, suggesting that the big studios are fairly confident of capitalising on the increased diversity of Academy members in order to help establish a new status quo for top-end genre films which have traditionally been overlooked.

If War is nominated for Best Picture, it will follow in the footsteps of other successful sci-fi genre films such as The Martian and Arrival, while Wonder Woman’s inclusion would make history as being the first time a superhero movie has ever been nominated for the award.

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