10 Things You Might Have Missed in ‘Encanto’

2. The Trifectas

It’s fairly obvious that three is an important number in Encanto as each branch of the Madrigals has three siblings, but one concept that has been pointed out by Disney fans is that each group of siblings can have their powers linked to a well-known “trifecta”.

The first trio are, of course, Julietta, Pepa and Bruno, who seem to represent the past, present and future as Julietta heals past wounds, Pepa controls the weather, and Bruno sees the future.

Then, Camillo, Dolores and Antonio relate to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil because Camillo can change how he looks, Dolores has supersonic hearing, and Antonio can speak to animals.

Finally, Isabela, Mirabel and Luisa are a reference to Beauty, Brains, and Brawn respectively, Mirabel even refers to her sisters as “the beauty and the brawn” in “The Family Madrigal”.

1. The Colour Green

When Bruno is first introduced both in person and in flashback he is shown to have a solely green colour palette, from his outfit to his visions. It has become a common trope in Disney films to associate the villains with the colour green, so this colour scheme leads all Disney lovers to believe that he is the story’s main antagonist, which is especially helped by the recurring theme of never mentioning his name.

We of course discover this to be a red herring, green instead used in Encanto to link the two family outcasts as green is also associated with Mirabel through the colour of her glasses and the wallpaper of her room.

It’s a detail that feels like Disney hinting at the film’s second moral message: just because you’re painted like the villain, it doesn’t mean you are one.

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