5 Hilariously Bad Horror Movie Rip-Offs

2. Final Scream (2001)

Tagline: The reality of this game… is murder!

Don’t be fooled, this is not the final instalment of the Scream franchise. Instead, primarily in name, this is a not-so-wonderful rip-off of the famed Wes Craven movie. Though it may look and sound like you’ve ordered a copy of Scream from Wish, Final Scream does have enough self respect to not completely rip-off the horror classic; instead it rips off a handful of other movies…

The movie opens with, you guessed it, a phone call. Not quite “what’s your favourite scary movie”, but a phone call nonetheless. What follows is seventy-two minutes of lame kills, overly literal dialogue, and simply nauseating camera work which constantly rocks back and forth. 

Though Final Scream may rip-off numerous other horror classics such as Friday the 13th and Halloween, its Scream “influence” is shameless. The use of the name seems to be a pretty clear decision on the film’s part to market itself as closely to the game-changing horror franchise as possible in order to make a couple of extra bucks. What makes it funnier is that its alternative title is Final Stab. Even in its alternative title it just can’t help but rip-off Wes Craven.

Despite this, it must be said that there is a fun time to be had with Final Scream – it even features the great line “I’ve seen snuff movies that treat their actors better than this”.

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3. Dolly Dearest (1991)

Tagline: It’s time to play…

You could take a pretty good guess at what movie Dolly Dearest is ripping off… Annabelle! Kidding. Child’s Play of course.

Following the introduction of the Chucky doll to the world, killer doll movie rip-offs could be found just about anywhere. As for Dolly Dearest, it easily makes the bill as potentially the most obvious of the bunch, following the formula of the Child’s Play movie to a T. However, there is nothing creepier than a little girl’s laugh – that is perhaps the only area in which Dolly Dearest has the edge.

The biggest problem is undoubtedly just how bad the doll actually looks once it comes to life. In many ways it is just how disturbingly horrible Dolly looks that makes the movie as scary as it is. In saying that, the lack of budget means that the terrible looking doll also leads to some of the most hilarious moments from any film on this list. Although an actor is clearly dressed as Dolly for some scenes, for others they clearly just toss the doll across the screen and hope for the best.

It’s unoriginal and probably best viewed on a VHS, but Dolly Dearest may also be the funniest viewing experience on this list.

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