22 World Class Football Movies

19. Maradona (2019)

Director: Asif Kapadia

What makes a life of so many ups and downs, each in the public eye? What makes one man float as if from another planet on the football pitch, but sink in an ocean of alcohol and drugs away from it? Maradona opens up the life, impact and national heroism of one of the greatest players of all time, becoming one of the great sporting documentaries in the process.

20. Pelé (2021)

Directors: Ben Nicholas, David Tryhorn

Undeniably the greatest player of his era and arguably the most iconic footballer of all time, Pelé has been more than just a man to his native Brazil, transforming the country with every stroke of his right foot and writing himself into history.

This is about more than just a footballer, but my God what a footballer.

21. Purely Belter (2000)

Director: Mark Herman

Mark Herman blends football culture with a dynamic representation of the underclass as he follows two  Newcastle United fans from Newcastle upon Tyne borrowing, robbing, scratching and clawing their way through their young day to day lives, all in the hope of one day seeing the world-renowned Magpies play live at their home of St. James’ Park.

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22. When Saturday Comes (1996)

Director: Maria Giese

Sean Bean is terrific in the lead role of northern football drama When Saturday Comes. Funny, charming and relatable, but with deep and challenging themes, this football movie excels in representing much of the culture of the beautiful game we often love and regularly miss.

Nothing quite compares to the live football experience, but for those nights where you can’t catch a game, there’s always one of these films to keep you going.

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