2018 Oscars Best Picture Nominees Ranked

Each and every year, awards season brings about hot debate amongst all film goers as regards the movies they feel are the very best to be released across the previous 12 months, so in the spirit of the year’s biggest debate settler (The Oscars) we thought it might be fun to jump in on the action of ranking the most appreciated of our favourite art form and host this very special Oscars Best Picture edition of Ranked, because if it’s good enough for the highly qualified experts of the Academy, then it’s good enough for us!

We encourage discussion, and we’re pretty certain at least some of you are going to disagree, so please do leave your thoughts in the comments below!

9. Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour 2018 Oscars

Darkest Hour Review

The ideologically and thematically problematic premise of Darkest Hour aside, this was a a film that was lacking artistically in the same levels of sophistication, beauty and depth as its competition this awards season, with its well-crafted central performance being the fuel that ultimately carried it to the finish line, itself hiding the cracks in production and particularly the screenplay that made for an otherwise distinctly average film that simply didn’t belong in the discussion.

8. The Post

The Post 2018 Oscars

The Post Review

Oscars the Movie was always a shoe-in for a Best Picture vote, even with less reputable representation across the board for 2018’s ceremony – it was like Spielberg had made a film specifically to garner awards season interest. That’s not to take away from the film’s fantastic screenplay however, and the manner through which the director masterfully used it to create big moments from seemingly small ones, importantly celebrating the truth in an era of Fake News. This is a must-see film for many reasons, but if there were to be one film that could join Darkest Hour on the subs bench it would be The Post, simply because of how indifferent it was during a time of evolution and change.

7. Get Out

Get Out 2018 Oscars

Get Out Review

Opposed to the glossy, classic Oscars fare of The Post and Darkest Hour is Jordan Peele’s progressive masterpiece, Get Out. This politically engaging horror movie is not only important in how it holds up a mirror to society and offers a voice to often overlooked portions of said society, but it is also perhaps the best indicator of the good that can come from the recent expansion in Academy voters as it is the latest in a spate of genre movies to break the mould in the Best Picture race, illustrating they Academy’s more well-rounded appreciation for movies outside of the historically accurate and dramatic works they usually celebrate.

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