10 Magnificent Moustaches at the Movies

Every year in the month of November, the Movember movement takes the world over as men bold enough to sport their best attempts at moustaches gather together to raise awareness for the charity that tackles prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention. The ‘stache, known as a mulicultural touchstone of masculinity (whatever that really means), is an easy to identify statement of support that can make or break the balance of one’s face. In this list, we’re counting down the 10 of the best moustaches and moustachioed characters in film.

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10. Peter (Rob Delaney) – Deadpool 2 (2018)

Deadpool 2 Moustache

He answered an advert for a superhero team, but he’s just Peter. He doesn’t have acid breath or supernatural luck or the power of invisibility, he’s just Peter. We love you, sugar bear.

A cuddly man with a cuddly moustache, Peter is too good to get swept up in Deadpool’s unheroic schemes, which is probably why Wade felt he owed it to him to bring him back from a gruesome demise with his convenient time-skipping device (spoiler I guess?).

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9. Martin Skinner (Timothy Dalton) – Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz Moustache

Supermarket manager, fun runner, former ballet dancer, maybe (definitely) up to something darker. Timothy Dalton has always oozed charisma, and his dapper village entrepreneur is at once beguiling and suspicious in all the right ways. The ‘tache just works; it adds that special something to complete his image. Skinner’s moustache, with not a hair out of place, along with his suits and driving gloves, add to his image as a sturdy and reliable (if overbearing) pillar of the community. When the dark heart and history of the village is revealed in the film’s second half, Skinner’s moustache becomes a villainous trope, the perfect match for a sinister scowl.

8. Saeed the Pimp (Dominic Rains) – A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Moustache

Saeed thinks he’s tough, but he only throws his weight around with old addicts, helpless teenagers and over-the-hill prostitutes. His carefully maintained upper lip sculpture is a statement piece, but it’s shown to be a false statement when Saeed tries it on with the wrong girl. Saeed talks a big game and throws his weight about with those weaker than him, but the groomed, bizarrely shaped tache reveals he spends far too much time on frivolous things (on his ego), so when someone fights back ferociously he’s royally screwed.

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