10 Best Lindsay Lohan Performances

8. Get a Clue (2002)

Get a Clue is a Disney Channel Original Movie from 2002. It tells the story of a high school newspaper columnist who helps to solve a mystery when a teacher at the school goes missing. It’s corny and reminiscent of the era of Hollywood’s Production Code, but this is exactly the kind of TV film that best represents this era of children’s entertainment.

Lexy Gold, Lindsay Lohan’s character, is an idealistic achiever who doesn’t understand the consequences of her media’s actions until it’s too late. She isn’t giving a complex performance, but she delivers exactly what is needed for the role.

Lohan’s charismatic demeanor overshadows many of her Disney co-stars as she pulls off the year’s ridiculous trendy outfits – a Disney staple! It’s clear how Lohan was able to acquire bigger roles following this film. 

7. Georgia Rule (2007)

One of Lindsay Lohan’s better films beyond the Disney-sphere is Georgia Rule, a story about mothers, daughters, and their separation and connection. Jane Fonda and Felicity Huff star alongside Lohan, and the three work incredibly well together as a dysfunctional family.

This role explores some dark aspects of women’s experiences. Lohan’s character plays off abuse with a Devil-may-care exterior, allowing her to actually create a layered character that highlights her gift for levity and sarcasm. She displays real range in this movie, and it would be great to see more semi-serious roles like this.

6. Liz & Dick (2012)

Liz & Dick is not a great film. It isn’t a good one, either. But there’s something about an actor playing a revered Hollywood figure that appeals to any cinephile.

Lindsay Lohan’s performance as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor is a facsimile of what she may have hoped to achieve after her career’s start, but it should still stand as an iconic performance within her filmography. 

Her casting creates a metatextual layer, as Lohan’s Taylor struggles with nosy paparazzi and substance use. However, the film gives glimpses into the humanity that is often left out of discourse around actresses in tabloids.

The performance is inconsistent, but there are times where Lohan disappears into the role, transitioning from an attempt to act to embodying the character she is portraying. Acting for a television movie may be a step down from her heights, but this is exactly the type of more serious role Lohan could have moved into had circumstances been different.

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