10 Best Lindsay Lohan Performances

It’s hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan is only 36 (as of 2022). The prime of her film career was not long at all, and is now overshadowed by the actions that resulted from the trauma she endured in childhood. While Lohan is moving more into the public eye, starring on her own MTV reality show ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ and the upcoming Falling for Christmas (2022) and Irish Wish (2023), it’s hard to imagine anything supplanting her image as a child and teen icon in the early noughts. 

The goal of this Movie List is to celebrate a figure who has been maligned by society, to replace Perez Hiltonian discourse that aimed to degrade a child actor who didn’t have much choice in her own rise to fame. Lindsay Lohan deserves to be appreciated for the excellent work she did in what was surely a difficult environment. For her fans and supporters, these are the definitive and iconic Lindsay Lohan film performances for 90s/00s kids: the 10 Best Lindsay Lohan Performances.

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10. Labor Pains (2009)

This one must be prefaced with the “not-a-good-movie” disclaimer. It’s like Fifty Shades without the sex…

Lindsay Lohan’s character Thea works at a book publisher, and she finds herself achieving some career mobility when she pretends she’s pregnant. There’s a lot of unfunny comedy throughout the film, and a surplus of superfluous characters, but no one is watching Labor Pains for any reason other than Lindsay Lohan.

Her performance becomes quite charming whenever she begins to buy into the film’s premise. She’s constantly having to act as if she’s pregnant, and eventually the fake pregnancy becomes her reality. Working with a pregnant author gives her perspective and an understanding of motherhood, womanhood, and humanity, and Lohan is able to communicate the struggle in an entertaining way.

Without Lindsay Lohan, this film would be just another lame comedy from the late 2000s with hardly anything worth remarking upon.

9. Just My Luck (2006)

Just My Luck is another mediocre comedy film that has its moments.

Lindsay Lohan stars opposite Chris Pine (Star Trek, Wonder Woman), and after a fiery meeting at a masquerade ball, the two swap luck – think Freaky Friday but with tarot and kissing instead of racial stereotypes.

Lohan’s performance is nothing spectacular, but she’s doing her schtick here: she’s the all-American girl making her way through a ridiculous comedy premise. The chemistry is there with Pine, and they each sell blunderous physical comedy scenes.

If you like Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohaning, Just My Luck is an enjoyable film.

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