10 Best Moments from the Jurassic Park Franchise

Ever since the original Jurassic Park dazzled audiences for the first time back in 1993, the Jurassic Park/World franchise has remained one of the most famous and beloved movie series in the world, each film earning stratospheric box office sums no matter the critical reception.

Over the course of close to thirty years, four directors and countless writers, the Jurassic films have offered moments of awe, catharsis and never-before-seen CG-animatronic combinations to fill imaginations and satisfy even the most hardened of movie-goers, each installation offering something new, and often something worth talking about.

For this article, we’ve taken a look across all five movies from Jurassic Park (1993) to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) and compiled a list of the ten greatest moments in the franchise’s on-screen history. These are the 10 Best Moments from the Jurassic Park Franchise.

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10. Introducing… the Pterodactyl
(Jurassic Park III)

The only moment from Jurassic Park III to make it into our top 10 list is the introduction of the Pterodactyl.

Although much doesn’t come to mind when thinking of Jurassic Park III, other than the “Alan” scene which causes a good laugh, the introduction of the Pterodactyl into the central canon of Jurassic Park was a creative decision that truly paid off, and one that almost convinces you for a moment that the film is actually nearly as good as the previous two entries.

The scene itself is not necessarily best imagined, with Billy’s parachute rescue coming across as kind of silly for the most part, but the introduction itself is treated like a big moment, squeezing out all of the tension and anticipation that it can as the Pterodactyl slowly emerges from the fog, its almost skeletal appearance filling the screen as the score pulses with all the flavour of a great monster movie.

9. Mr. DNA
(Jurassic Park)

Possibly one of the sillier and more sweet moments of the series, the introduction of Mr. DNA plays a surprisingly important role in the first film (and therefore the franchise).

Deliberately made to come across like a cheesy corporate video to explain the science of Jurassic Park to children and adults alike, the video shoots off a tonne of exposition without ever feeling forced, all because of its very nature and its placing within the film.

This is a moment that encourages us to have complete understanding of how the dinosaurs were recreated without ever feeling like the explanation is too simple or throwaway. It also creates a fun, goofy and memorable character in Mr. DNA, while helping to build what we know of John Hammond, the man who signed on off on him as the face of his new brand.

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