10 Best Batman Begins Moments

2. Batman Saves Rachel, Stops Scarecrow

“He’s here.” / “Who?” / “The Batman…”

So far as cool Batman moments go, the “Bat scene” from Batman Begins is amongst the best and most iconic.

Bruce Wayne’s childhood sweetheart Rachel Dawes has been poking her nose in Dr Crane, aka Scarecrow’s, business for too long, so Scarecrow has kidnapped her in an attempt to silence her. Tied up in the main warehouse where Scarecrow and his goons are deploying their lethal toxin into the water supply, Rachel cries for help that comes in the form of the Batman.

It’s a scene that develops from average rescue mission to all-out carnage, Batman’s enemy transitioning from the underbelly of Gotham to the very police force that protects it; quite apropos given the context of police corruption that has been woven throughout the film to this point. Best of all, it gives us an opportunity to see some of this Batman’s coolest gimmicks, the most impressive of which is a bat signal that calls for “backup” in the form of a fleet of bats that distract the police just long enough for Batman to escape unscathed. The shot of Batman jumping down a stair well encircled by bats is one that you can never forget; a perfect Nolan Batman moment that is effective in the context of the story but also timeless in its effect as a standalone sequence.

1. “I’m Batman!”

Christopher Nolan made us wait an entire hour for our first glimpse at the Batman in Batman Begins, but good things come to those who wait, and a small sequence later it was clear to see that this was oh-so good.

A routine night-time mob operation overseen by crime boss Carmine Falcone begins to feel less-than normal when the gangsters sense that something is not quite right with the night. One of the criminals, who suspects his co-conspirator may have gone missing, finds a small batarang on the floor, subsequently becoming one of the Bat’s first victims. The sequence has Batman hanging from containers and attacking people with a mix of menace and quippy one-liners, the ultimate moment coming as Falcone grumpily mutters “what the hell are you?” and Batman angrily responds, “I’m Batman”.

It’s a scene closer to the darker action sequences of the Bourne Trilogy than of any prior cinematic Batman release, and one that established Christian Bale’s iteration as a true force of physicality after an hour of establishing his character outside of battle; the cherry on the cake being the fan service moment of Falcone’s silhouette providing the shape of a Bat on a sky-facing spotlight.

It’s one of those iconic Batman moments you can’t afford to miss, and if you’ve seen it you won’t forget; an introduction to the other side of Bruce Wayne that fans young and old had paid to see.

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