Top 10 Ron Howard Movies

2. Apollo 13 (1995)

Apollo 13 Tom Hanks Bill Paxton Kevin Bacon Ed Harris Gary Sinise

Aided by a true-to-life story as remarkable as you could imagine – a team of astronauts who reached the furthest outreaches of space ever recorded by humanity, only to suffer extreme damage and a major threat to their lives – Ron Howard devised possibly the most universally beloved film of his career; setting aside much of his whimsy to bring a drama to the screen that was as much about America as a united nation as it was about the mission. It was a film written by documentarian and former astronaut Al Reinart so it featured the same depth and attention to detail as one may expect, though it was vitally never weighed down by its facts, pursuing greater truths as regards the human condition instead.

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1. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A Beautiful Mind Russell Crowe Jennifer Connelly

A Beautiful Mind remains the only film for which Ron Howard has won an Academy Award for Best Director, and with good reason. The 2001 film, which featured phenomenal performances from leading duo Russell Crowe and Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly, was as artistic of a dramatic venture as the director has been on, and the manner through which the whole team projected the real-life character of Professor John Nash as a man with goodness in his heart despite the manner through which he struggled with reality and ultimately acted in poor taste on many an occasion, was simply phenomenal. Howard was a man working at the very height of his powers for this early 21st century release; the very best of his career.

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