The European Film Awards 2016 Results

Wroclaw, Poland, the European Capital of Culture, was the host of the 29th European Film Awards on Saturday 10th December 2016 and it was Maren Ade’s German language film ‘Toni Erdmann’ that left the biggest mark with five award wins overall.

Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan also made headlines after becoming the first person born in the Republic of Ireland to win the ceremony’s coveted European Achievement in World Cinema award, while tributes were paid to the recently deceased Andrzej Wajda through the announcement that he was the recipient of an honourary award.

The Full List of Winners

European Film: Toni Erdmann (Germany/Austria)
Nominees – Elle (Fra); I, Daniel Blake (UK/Fra); Julieta (Spa); Room (ROI/Can).

European Comedy: A Man Called Ove (Sweden/Norway)
Nominees – Look Who’s Back (Ger); La Vache (Fra).

European Discovery – Prix FRIPESCI: The Happiest Day in the life of Olli Mäki (Finland)
Nominees – Dogs (Rom/Bul/Qat); Liebmann (Ger); Sand Storm (Isr); Thirst (Bul).

European Documentary: Fire At Sea (Italy/France)
Nominees – The Land of the Enlightened (Bel/ROI/Ned); 21 X New York (Pol); Mr. Gaga (Isr/Swe/Ger/Ned); S is for Stanley – 30 Years At the Wheel for Stanley Kubrick (Ita); A Family Affair (Bel/Ned).

European Animated Feature Film: My Life As Zucchini (France/Switzerland)
Nominees – Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children (Spa); The Red Turtle (Jap/Fra/Ger).

European Short Film: 9 Days – From My Window In Aleppo (Netherlands/Syria)
Nominees – The Wall; Edmond; The Goodbye; 90 Degrees North; We All Love the Sea Shore; In the Distance; A Man Returned; Small Talk; I’m Not From Here; Home; The Fullness of Time (Romance); Limbo; Amalimbo.

European Director: Maren Ade (Toni Erdmann)
Nominees – Paul Verhoeven (Elle); Cristian Mungiu (Graduation); Ken Loach (I, Daniel Blake); Pedro Almodóvar (Julieta).

European Actress: Sandra Hüller (Toni Erdmann)
Nominees – Isabelle Huppert (Elle); Emma Suárez & Adriana Ugarte (Julieta); Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Like Crazy); Trine Dryholm (The Commune).

European Actor: Peter Simonischek (Toni Erdmann)
Nominees – Rolf Lassgård (A Man Called Ove); Hugh Grant (Florence Foster Jenkins); Dave Johns (I, Daniel Blake); Burghart Klaußner (The People vs. Fritz Bauer); Javier Cámara (Truman).

European Screenwriter: Maren Ade (Toni Erdmann)
Nominees – Cristian Mungiu (Graduation); Paul Laverty (I, Daniel Blake); Emma Donoghue (Room); Tomasz Wasilewski (United States of Love).

European Cinematographer – Prix Carlo Di Palma: Camilla Hjelm Knudsen (Land of Mine)

European Editor: Anne Østerud & Janus Billeskov Jansen (The Commune)

European Production Designer: Alice Normington (Suffragette)

European Costume Designer: Stefanie Bieker (Land of Mine)

European Hair & Make-Up Artist: Barbara Kreuzer (Land of Mine)

European Composer: Ilya Demutsky (The Student)

European Sound Designer: Radoslaw Ochnio (11 Minutes)

European Film Academy Lifetime Achievement Award: Jean-Claude Carrière

European Achievement in World Cinema: Pierce Brosnan

Honourary Award: Andrzej Wajda

European Co-Production Award – Prix Eurimages: Leontine Petit

People’s Choice Award for Best European Film: Body (Pol/Spa)

The Awards Totals

5 – Toni Erdmann
3 – Land of Mine
1 – A Man Called Ove
1 – The Happiest Day in the life of Olli Mäki
1 – Fire At Sea
1 – My Life As Zucchini
1 – 9 Days – From My Window In Aleppo
1 – The Commune
1 – Suffragette
1 – The Student
1 – Body
1 – 11 Minutes

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