Evil Dead Movies Ranked

2. The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead Review

The Evil Dead became an instant hit and it’s easy to see why. Sam Raimi’s low budget film took many of the horror tropes of its time and spun them on their head, all the while creating even more tropes for the genre to use over the next forty years. The Evil Dead was arguably as influential as any other horror film released in the 1980s.

“We can’t bury Shelly. S-She’s a friend of ours” and Bruce Campbell’s delivery of the infamous “you bastards! Why are you torturing me like this? Why?” are the perfect examples of how this first movie in the series was silly, it was camp and it was fun. And that’s what makes it so great.

The Evil Dead is an incredibly fun and bloody time, and an absolute must-watch for fans of the horror genre. If you are yet to see it, where the hell have you been?

1. Evil Dead II (1987)

Essentially a soft remake of the first film, Evil Dead II reintroduces fans of The Evil Dead to its wacky and individualistic world, all the while introducing first time viewers to the story by rewriting the first picture and presenting it all in the first 10 minutes. Beyond this prologue, Evil Dead II continues the story where the first film left off and further builds upon not only the story but the world and the lore of the Evil Dead universe. 

In a genius move, it takes the issues of the first movie being laughably camp and silly and uses them to its advantage, in the process creating the entire basis of what makes the series and the character of Ash Williams so memorable and iconic.

Evil Dead II is filled to the brim with witty one liners and memorable moments, and is the source of Ash’s famous catchphrase, “Groovy!”. The Evil Dead may have introduced audiences to its world, but Evil Dead II made them fall in love with it, and that is why Evil Dead II is the best Evil Dead movie there is.

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