10 Best Films of All Time: Emi Grant

2. Parasite (2019)

10 Best Parasite Moments

If someone asked, how do you define cinema as a medium? I might show them the infamous peach scene from Parasite.

It is four minutes of pure bliss – blending comedy, horror, heist, and drama to the tune of an eerie violin.

Director Bong Joon-ho is a master of tone. We drift effortlessly between genres; laughing, crying, cringing, and shielding our eyes.

The film is deliciously complex and refuses to see the world in terms of heroes and villains. To this day, it’s still a tragedy that the main cast walked away without a single Oscar. 

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1. The Shining (1980)

The Shining Review

There is no greater joy than a cult classic getting its due.

At the time of release, director Stanley Kubrick and actress Shelley Duvall received Razzie nominations for Worst Director and Worst Actress respectively. Now, we understand that Duvall’s off-kilter, baseball bat-wielding performance and Kubrick’s signature stare came together to create a horror masterpiece that has been cherished for years.

The Shining encapsulates our fear of ourselves and isolation to create an utterly horrifying romp through the Overlook Hotel. If there is just one horror film you see in your life, it should be this one. 

Though these films might not all graze the most critically acclaimed, artfully important films of all time lists, each one uniquely impacted the world and left viewers better (or at least a little more scared) when all was said and done.

If there is one thing to take away from this list, it is to keep watching, keep expanding your horizons, and never discount a horror film.

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