10 Best Films of All Time: Emi Grant

Perhaps there is no objective way to rank the ten best films of all time. Cinema has existed as an art form for over more than one hundred years in hundreds of languages telling thousands of stories. We use film to understand the human experience – to zoom in on one corner of the world and stay for an hour or two. It’s a beautiful medium that requires a communal effort, and so many talented people have blessed the world with their imaginations and talent. 

Of course, for any movie critic, there are films that rise above the rest. I have chosen ten films that have shaped me as a person and made this world a creepier, scarier, funnier, and more interesting place to live. These are my 10 Best Films of All Time.

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10. Coraline (2009)

Are you a child looking to dip your foot into the wonderful world of horror? Coraline is a great place to start.

The film is as magical as it is scary – an impressive boast for a film with a PG rating.

Coraline Jones marches us through worlds we could have never imagined and somehow even makes rats feel ethereal and otherworldly. 

9. Gone Girl (2014)

“Cool girl is hot. Cool girl is game.” While “cool girl” status isn’t attainable, watching Gone Girl and memorizing the infamous monologue gets you part of the way there.

Perfectly cast with Rosamund Pike as a psychotic and whip-smart writer, Amy, and Ben Affleck as her sloppy, loser husband, the two are a match made in hell.

As feminist as it is deranged, Gone Girl will keep you enthralled whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time you’ve watched the film. 

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