BAFTA Moves Ceremony Date Forward for 2020

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards have announced that they’ll be moving the date of their ceremony forward from 2020 in an attempt to remain ahead of the broadcast of the Oscars (which announced a move from the end of February to the beginning starting in 2020 with a 9th February broadcast).

The new date for the 2020 BAFTAs has been announced as the 2nd February, one week ahead of its American counterpart.

The BAFTAs have aired ahead of the Oscars since 2001, but this shift marks the shortest time between the two awards shows since that date, with one week separating the two broadcasts instead of the usual two.

It was rumoured back in August that BAFTA would make the change following the Oscars’ move forward. The change will also ensure the that the BAFTAs don’t clash with the Berlinale.


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