Animated Disney Villains Ranked

28. Clayton – Tarzan (1999)

A brash big game hunter hired as a guide for rich English Victorians through the rainforest.

Colonialists and animal killers make for particularly detestable baddies these days and, paired with Brian Blessed’s always pleasing booming vocals and physical inspiration, the arrogant macho man Clayton becomes one of the highlights of Tarzan.

Demise by: Jungle vine strangulation.

27. Commander Rourke – Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Mission commander and military man out to steal the advanced technology of the lost civilisation of Atlantis.

Perhaps the first true example of the final act twist villains that became popular in Disney and Pixar animation in the 2010s, Rourke seems a heroic man of action but soon shows his true colours and how brutal he is prepared to be to achieve his objective when his plans go south.

Demise by: Transformed into a crystal monster and shattered against airship propellers.

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26. Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The volatile and execution-happy monarch of the nonsensical Wonderland.

The Queen doesn’t make her appearance until the final stretch of Alice’s adventures, but she does make a memorable impact. Ordering the execution of one of her playing card minions the first time she speaks for daring to paint white roses red (and making it obvious by accidentally missing one) she orders around and cheats Alice before putting on a show trial to sentence her to death for humiliating her.

Demise by: Last seen furiously chasing Alice before Alice leaves Wonderland behind in her dreams upon waking up.

25. The Coachman – Pinocchio (1940)

A demonic figure who sells children into slavery after they are magically transformed into donkeys on his fairground paradise Pleasure Island.

He may only be in the film for a single scene but that doesn’t mean the Coachman isn’t one of the most evil and terrifying figures in the Disney canon. He kidnaps children for profit, and next to the Evil Queen’s transformation, his satanic expression, flushed face, teeth and pipe smoke, is probably the most terrifying image in Disney.

Demise by: Unknown, but presumably moving on to the next scheme or catching the next coach back to Hell. 

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