10 Best The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Moments

2. You Shall Not Pass

Up until this point, it is easy to see Gandalf as a mischievous old man. Faced with the mighty Belrog, he becomes a warrior. Unfortunately, the Fellowship have barely got to know each other before Gandalf sacrifices himself for the mission.

Wizard and monster fall. The intensity and sorrow at this loss of such a pinnacle character, and the only one who seemed to know what was going on, is written all over the companions’ faces.

1. Boromir’s Death

Boromir (Sean Bean) is a good man, but he is obviously swayed by the ring. The hobbits are wary of him and as the Fellowship splinters and Frodo (Elijah Wood) sneaks off, Boromir fails the test and tries to steal the ring, proving that this really is not a problem that can be solved by men.

As he comes to his senses, he realises the Uruk-hais are in hot pursuit. They have grabbed Merry (Dominic Monaghan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd), knowing Saruman is looking for ‘halflings’. Boromir attempts to rescue them but is killed. He dies a noble death and is laid to rest with the horn of Gondor cleaved in two beside him. What an ending. And this is only part one!

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