10 Best Horror Films 2020

The 2020 new movie experience made it easy to miss horror films. While big-name releases like The Hunt may have been viewed during their lockdown releases, others that lack mainstream or popular arthouse backing to get noticed in the sea of film information were easily browsed over on popular streaming apps or simply absent from the eyes of most of the viewing public due to niche VOD models. This The Film Magazine Movie List does include films from major studios, but the aim of this top 10 is to direct horror fans to the films that are most worth their time from 2020. These films represent what was important socially this year, as well as which films best artistically express horror, and they’re all subject to the whim of the author – as such, here’s a list of honorable mentions that could also be worth a watch: 1BR, Black BoxFreakyThe Owners, Saint Maud, The PlatformThe Rental, Sputnik.

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These are the 10 Best Horror Films 2020…

10. Host

Host Review

Host is only here because of the quarantine gimmick. This is about as good of a film as we could expect for a Zoom séance horror movie filmed during lockdown. It’s far from profound, the characters can be annoying, it feels like it’s really stretching to reach its runtime, but the social relevance and quick production make it an interesting artefact of 2020 and a testament to the rapid advances in digital film technology.

9. The Lie

A father and his teen daughter pick up one of her friends on their way to a dance camp, but tragedy soon strikes. The Lie is unrelenting, placing us into the family’s shoes as they frantically figure out how to deal with their dire situation. The performances, tension, and desolate, wintery suburbanscape are the standout features of this Blumhouse thriller.

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