10 Best Gremlins Moments

2. Attack of the Living Christmas Tree

As with any festive fright, Dante plants in as many twinkly trees and tinsel strings as possible, with the notorious ‘killer Christmas tree’ scene being a prime example of the magic that can happen when terror meets the holiday season.

Lynn seems to be target number one, with the furry creatures going out of their way to cause as much disturbance to her as possible. After the Gremlins put Lynn through a turbulent ride in the classic kitchen scene, they have another whack at tackling her by hiding in a well-decorated Christmas tree, with their beady red eyes hiding amidst the glossy baubles. In a sparkly flurry, Lynn is knocked to the ground by the Gremlin-filled tree as decorations fly across the home.

1. Kitchen Chaos

The iconic kitchen scene plays out like a bonanza of wild entertainment; there are epic showdowns, gnarly kills, and most importantly a whopping slice of exhilaration as the battle between Lynn and the Gremlin’s reaches a rather nasty peak.

We are treated to an absolute ruckus as Gremlins are blinded by spray oil before being bunged into the microwave, exploding into a pile of green goo, with another being planted face down into a working blender, creating bloody splatters across the cupboards. Lynn may not be the standout star of the film, but her heroic actions are second to none.

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Written by Grace Britten

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