Rampage vs A Quiet Place | UK Box Office Report 20-22nd April 2018

As the world took its final breath before the box office onslaught of Avengers: Infinity War – set for release this weekend – the UK box office took quite a substantial hit with only 2 films topping £1million and the boarder for the top 5 being less than £500,000, with the 25 highest grossing movies dropping by a remarkable 25% in overall accumulation from the weekend before to set the third lowest weekend total of the past 12 months. Here are the top 5 highest grossing movies from the weekend of April 20th-22nd 2018:

Despite taking a hit of over 55%, Dwayne Johnson monster-action movie Rampage held on to the top spot for a 2nd weekend in a row, out-grossing breakout horror hit A Quiet Place by around £400,000 to earn a weekend total of £1,413,973.

While bragging rights may be on the side of the Warner Bros movie, the actual figures seem to suggest that the film’s two-week-long ride at the top has been less successful than such a stat may indicate, with the film sitting at only £6,483,777. This is around the same amount A Quiet Place had accumulated at the two week stage of its run, though the John Krasinski film didn’t have to contend with the upcoming Infinity War in its third weekend (which was this weekend) and was made for approximately $100million less.

At £8,262,665 after three weeks on the chart, A Quiet Place is currently sitting at a higher figure than is expected for Rampage at the three week stage this time next week. Internationally, the story is quite different however, as the Dwayne Johnson factor has once again come to the rescue of a big budget movie with a $215million accumulation in foreign language markets compared to the $70million accumulation of A Quiet Place, with the latter of course being out for a whole week longer.

Interestingly, the North American market – which has been known to have strong leanings towards horror films in the past few years – has sided much more strongly with A Quiet Place, gifting the $17million minnow a three week total of $133million in comparison to the 2 week total of $67million for the $120million movie Rampage, all but guaranteeing that the small budget film will out-gross its bigger rival in the US, Canada and the UK, three of the most vital English-language speaking countries for Hollywood movies.

In fact, Rampage is already tracking behind the likes of Fifty Shades Freed, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Darkest Hour and of course Johnson’s last movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, despite having a budget that far exceeded each of those films and even some of them combined.

The weekend’s only top 5 debut was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society starring Lily James and adapted from the novel by Annie Barrows and Ann Shafer. The Mike Newell (Donnie Brasco – 1997; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 2005) directed movie, set in the aftermath of World War II, is currently receiving polarising reviews but may benefit from being aimed at a totally different demographic to the upcoming summer blockbuster slate, not least Infinity War, making a run that is longer than would usually be expected a real possibility. While details are currently thin regarding the movie’s budget, a similar performance in Australia has the British independent film sitting at around £1.5million worldwide, which doesn’t seem to be the kind of return distributors Studiocanal would have hoped for, though we’ll see how this unravels in future weeks.

Here are the top 15 films at the UK box office for the weekend of April 20th-22nd 2018:

  1. Rampage – weeks on release: 2 – weekend: £1,413,973 – total: £6,483,777
  2. A Quiet Place – 3 – £1,024,722 – £8,262,665
  3. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – 1 – £825,777 – £825,777
  4. Ready Player One – 4 – £503,099 – £15,439,019
  5. Peter Rabbit – 6 – £487,412 – £38,892,842
  6. Truth or Dare – 2 – £401,031 – £1,719,375
  7. The Greatest Showman – 17 – £304,478 – £45,446,913
  8. Love, Simon – 3 – £274,213 – £3,265,492
  9. Black Panther – 10 – £235,388 – £49,858,826
  10. Blade Runner: The Final Cut – £228,962 – £1,743,320
  11. Isle of Dogs – 4 – £159,442 – £5,498,924
  12. Duck Duck Goose – 4 – £115,644 – £3,372,496
  13. Blockers – 4 – £113,814 – £3,808,366
  14. The Leisure Seeker – 1 – £105,129 – £105,129
  15. Ghost Stories – 3 – £82,479 – £1,495,625

The week’s only other debuting feature was The Leisure Seeker starring Donald Sutherland and Helen Mirren, which clocked in only £105,129 despite a lack of competition and fitting into the same bracket as The Guernsey in terms of its targeted demographic. The Italian directed film, which was released in the US in 2017, has made around $16.7million (£12million) in total worldwide across its staggered release, easily covering rumoured production costs and therefore must be considered a success despite what has happened here in the UK during what is expected to be its only chart entry weekend.

The other big story from outside of the top 5 is that Black Panther is about to hit a total UK accumulation of £50million. In fact, it may hit that figure by today! The almost unbelievably successful Marvel standalone superhero movie has proven to be an incredibly positive pre-Infinity-War warm up for fans of the genre and specifically the franchise, and may even prove to be a challenge to Infinity War in terms of its overall accumulation once all is said and done. For those keeping tabs, Black Panther debuted at £17.7million – the highest opening of any superhero movie since the start of 2016 – so that’s the figure Infinity War will be looking to top.

We’ll have full details on Infinity War‘s UK box office debut in next week’s report – scheduled for Wednesday 2nd May; top 5 video posted to YouTube on Tuesday 1st May – but make sure to bookmark our homepage in the meantime as we’ll have a review of the highly anticipated superhero team-up in the coming days. You can also keep up to date with all of our latest and greatest updates on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for exclusive news stories, trailers, gifs, memes and articles.

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