‘Greatest Showman’ Sets Another Milestone | UK Box Office Report April 6-8th 2018

The first weekend of 2018 to fully take place in the month of April welcomed John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place and Love, Simon to the very top of the UK box office chart, but it was Peter Rabbit which again made the biggest impression, hitting close to £3.2million in its 4th weekend of release, ensuring the animated film will be recognised as an undeniable box office powerhouse of 2018 on £32million overall.

Here are the top 5 films from the weekend of April 6th-8th 2018:

Having hit its 4th weekend atop of the UK box office chart, Peter Rabbit has already pushed to £32,223,317 overall and doesn’t seem to be under immediate threat for its thrown until the end of the month when Avengers: Infinity War debuts. With weekends as strong as the £3,152,269 it made this past weekend, it could be a while before it drops below a £1million weekend and subsequently exits the top 5, meaning the sky’s the limit for this animated feature which has already made enough money to be considered a top 10 hit should the charts feature similar figures to those of 2017. While it’s not the year’s biggest earner – that particular accolade goes to Black Panther which currently sits on £48,405,322 – the performance of this film seems to have far exceeded many expectations.

The famous Rabbit has been similarly as impressive worldwide, making £193.7million from a £35million budget; a figure that will all-but guarantee an animated sequel in the coming years.

In at number 2 this week is John Krasinski’s A Quiet Placean atmospheric horror starring real-life wife Emily Blunt. The £2,696,892 debut of the film here in the UK is pretty strong for a low-to-mid budget horror film, but the real story comes in the North American market where the release managed to hit $50million across its opening weekend, dwarfing its $17million budget in just 3 days. The film currently sits at $75million worldwide and must therefore be considered an unprecedented success already.

This past weekend’s other biggest debut was also a $17million production, Love, Simon. The film, which has gained traction with LGBTQ+ community on both sides of the Atlantic and is gaining favourable reviews across the board, only just pushed through the £1million mark here in the UK with a showing of £1,179,593, but this is far from the entire story. The picture, which stars Jurassic World actor Nick Robinson, has been helped by strong word of mouth in the North American market, hitting a total accumulation of $35million in that region alone over the weekend, twice the amount it cost to make.

Here is the top 15 chart for the weekend of April 6th-8th 2018:

  1. Peter Rabbit – weeks on release: 4 – weekend: £3,152,269 – total: £32,223,317
  2. A Quiet Place – 1 – £2,696,892 – £2,696,892
  3. Ready Player One – 2 – £2,395,663 – £11,483,687
  4. Love, Simon – 1 – £1,179,593 – £1,179,593
  5. Isle of Dogs – 2 – £849,934 – £3,939,214
  6. Black Panther – 8 – £684,430 – £48,405,322
  7. The Greatest Showman – 15 – £676,711 – £43,498,143
  8. Ghost Stories – 1 – £591,787 – £591,787
  9. Blockers – 2 – £554,846 – £2,921,138
  10. Duck Duck Goose – 2 – £506,520 – £2,262,222
  11. Pacific Rim: Uprising – 3 – £261,314 – £4,073,269
  12. A Wrinkle In Time – 3 – £239,537 – £2,365,210
  13. Tomb Raider – 4 – £208,397 – £7,450,533
  14. Death Wish – 1 – £156,795 – £156,795
  15. Event Cinema: Giselle (Ballet) – 1 – £124,824 – £124,824

The biggest news from outside the top 5 this weekend comes via Pacific Rim: Uprising and A Wrinkle In Time, two high-budget movies that debuted on the same day only three weeks ago to disappointing figures that seem to have spiralled ever since.

Uprising currently sits on £4million for its total run, just a little less than the amount made by Peter Rabbit in its 4th weekend alone – Rabbit was made for one third the cost of the Pacific Rim sequel. Despite this disappointing showing, Uprising is still nearly doubly as lucrative as A Wrinkle In Time, which sits on around £2.35million, a figure that will be way below the expectations Disney had for the film in the build up to its release.

Internationally, the story is even worse for A Wrinkle In Time, which currently has a worldwide accumulation of $117milion, only just surpassing its rumoured production budget of $100million. If you are to factor in international promotional campaigns and other advertising costs, it’s likely that A Wrinkle In Time cost Disney anywhere from $200-300million, a figure that it shan’t make back at the box office alone; solidifying the Ava DuVernay film as a financial flop.

In contrast, Pacific Rim: Uprising has performed a little better in the worldwide market, sitting at around $267million from a $150million budget. By no means will the film turn out to be profitable to the extent everyone involved with making the picture likely expected it to be, but it’s possible that the film will surpass $300million overall; a figure that should cover production and advertising costs at the very least.

And finally, The Greatest Showman is now 2017’s 5th highest grossing movie having just surpassed Paddington 2 to earn the honour with a £43,498,143 overall accumulation. Does it have the legs to surpass the £46million earned by number 4 release Despicable Me 3? We’ll see in the coming weeks!

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