The ‘Smith Saga’ – 3 of Will Smith’s Best Movies

Will Smith has always been one of my favourite actors in the film industry, primarily due to the sheer versatility that he has portrayed through the various roles in which he has partaken in throughout his phenomenal career. I was thrilled to hear that Smith was cast as ‘Deadshot’ in the upcoming and highly anticipated brewing blockbuster boom that is ‘Suicide Squad’. Smith’s portrayal of the villain (in the trailers) seems to be on point, which is to be expected from such an actor as Smith himself. I fully believe that this amazing actor will expertly express his screen skills in the new superhero/villain flick and will be a credit to the DC dynasty.

Therefore, in order to honour the actor’s accolades, I have compiled my three favourite films featuring the star himself. I call it… The ‘Smith Saga’.

I Am Legend – 2007 – director – Francis Lawrence

This thriller starring Will Smith is centred around protagonist Robert Neville (Smith) who becomes the survivor of a global epidemic that transforms humans into mutant-like creatures. The plot is riveting, thought-provoking, well-scripted and highly entertaining. It showcases the emotions of being separated from a ‘normal’ life – as Neville solely trails through the city of New York searching for survivors of the disease –  and Smith portrays the character with great care, successfully showcasing the raw emotions of what we can imagine it would be like to fight such a battle on your own. One of the most emotional scenes in the film is when Neville loses his Alsatian to the deadly disease – it really strikes a chord. The scene is incredibly emotive, and Smith’s weeping over the loss of the canine is perhaps the highlight of his incredible overall performance.

Seven Pounds – 2008 – director – Gabriele Muccino

Smith stars as ‘Ben Thomas’, a man who harbours a heartbreaking secret that he forced feels remorse for. In order to seek personal redemption for the unfortunate event, Thomas helps to improve the lives of seven individuals, but his goal is halted when he falls in love with one of them. The plot line is very moving – it made me shed several tears throughout – and once the movie’s huge event is revealed, you realise why Thomas harbours a burden in which he cannot forgive himself for. The climax is therefore heartbreaking and Smith’s acting skills are unbelievable in the best of ways. He portrays the guilt-ridden character with such conviction. It’s definitely on my top 10 list, and is certainly worth a watch at some point in your life!

Shark Tale – 2004 – director – Vicky Jenson, Bibo Bergeron & Rob Letterman

Shark Tale came out when I was 9 years old and, with being a huge DreamWorks fan, this film was one of the gems of my childhood. Smith himself voices a fish named ‘Oscar’ who has grand dreams of becoming a ‘somebody’. He is subsequently catapulted into the world of fame and fortune when he takes credit for slaying a criminal shark. Oscar does, however, soon find that his new life isn’t all that he thought it would be – losing his friends in the process. This film is humorous and played a pivotal role in my love for film from a young age: animation is a genre that I’ve always loved, which is why I decided to include it in this list. If you want Smith at his Will Smith best, then this one’s for you.

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