You’ve Saved Us, Thank You – A Statement on the Future of The Film Magazine

Dearest Readers,

It is with the utmost pride and honour that I can inform you today, 22nd January 2024, that The Film Magazine will remain online for 6 more years!

Thanks to the life-affirming kindness of select readers, we are not only saved from the impending annihilation I outlined in my previous statement, but have rocketed beyond our 3-year renewal fundraising goal and right up to the 6-year renewal total. All in the space of 24 hours. This is a surprise, but perhaps the most brilliant surprise we could experience.

These readers, these strangers, these friends, have raised more than £700 to ensure that our 2.5million-plus words remain on the internet.

With all of our hearts, thank you.

Please note that some details in this image have been covered for privacy purposes.

This supreme vote of confidence is one of the most life-affirming moments I can personally recall. To know that there are people out there who care about what we do, about what we stand for, about the issues we face and the causes we champion, means such a great deal to us.

We shall never forget this day, and shall use this overwhelming show of support as a beacon to follow into a greater future.

Our mission statement moving forward is two-fold and simple:

  • To grow organically whilst remaining true to our values.
  • To never ask for another penny towards renewals ever again.

Cinema is our passion. Such a passion that everyone involved with The Film Magazine has selflessly given their time to exploring it, writing about it, illuminating the unseen and critiquing the must-see. Our team is well-educated, passionate, brilliant. Our contributors are imaginative, exceptional. You have ensured that all of this passion, all of this knowledge, all of this imagination and education, will remain until at least 2030.

Thank you again for lighting the way in our darkest time. You are the best.


Joseph Wade
Founder | Editor

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