Peter Pan and Wendy (2023) Review - Singular director David Lowery turns his hand to the story of Peter Pan in new Disney Plus live-action fantasy film 'Peter Pan and Wendy' (2023), starring Jude Law. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
‘Mud’ at 10 – Review - Jeff Nichols' 'Mud' at 10 - atmospheric, touching, well-written and well-acted. Matthew McConaughey stars in what remains a remarkable film. Review by Martha Lane.
Evil Dead Rise (2023) Review - 'Evil Dead Rise' (2023) has risen from a possible grave, and it is well and truly groovy. Lee Cronin's new 'Evil Dead' take is efficient and gory. Review by Kieran Judge.
Missing (2023) Review - 'Missing' attempts to boost the 'Screenlife' trend in the thriller genre, but ultimately peaks too early and outgrows its formula. Review by Rob Jones.
Air (2023) Review - Air Jordan Nike film 'Air' (2023), Ben Affleck's first directorial feature in more than six years, is a light, well-paced film that subverts traditional boardroom dramas. Review by Grace Laidler.
Assassin Club (2023) Review - Henry Golding, Noomi Rapace and Sam Neill lead Camille Delamarre's 'Assassin Club' (2023), an insult to brainpower that is impossible to care about. Review by Kieran Judge.
The Pope’s Exorcist (2023) Review - Russell Crowe carries 'The Pope's Exorcist' as an enigmatic high-ranking exorcist professional in this otherwise standard exorcism flick. Review by Emi Grant.
Renfield (2023) Review - "Come for campy Count Cage, stay for Nicholas Hoult" in Chris McKay's colourful genre horror-comedy 'Renfield' filled with claret-soaked action. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) Review - Nintendo return to the big screen for the first time in thirty years with 'Super Mario Bros. Movie' (2023), an Illumination release that looks fantastic and stars Chris Pratt. Review by Rob Jones.
Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves (2023) Review - 'Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves' (2023) is "one of the best times you’re likely to have at the cinema this year". Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) Review - Keanu Reeves returns to take on an all-star cast of villains in 'John Wick: Chapter 4', a film better than 90% of action movies being pumped out today. Review by Kieran Judge.
‘The Birds’ at 60 – Review - At 60-years-old, archetypal natural horror (creature feature) 'The Birds' continues to exemplify director Alfred Hitchcock's mastery of suspense. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
Pearl (2022) Review - Mia Goth carries 'X' prequel 'Pearl' (2022) on her back, her eyes wild and performance perfectly balanced. Ti West's sequel is better than the first. Review by Margaret Roarty.
X (2022) Review - Despite pacing issues and an unwillingness to engage with the time period, Mia Goth emerges as a star in Ti West's X (2022). Review by Margaret Roarty.
I Like Movies (2022) Review - Filmmaker Chandler Levack cleverly takes the familiar coming-of-age formula and creates a fresh, enjoyable film. Stars Isaiah Lehtinen, Romina D'Ugo. Review by Mark Carnochan.
War Pony (2023) Review - Riley Keough and Gina Gammell direct a slow rumination on the aimless lives of two Native Americans in their Cannes and GFF entry 'War Pony'. Review by Mark Carnochan.
Luther: The Fallen Sun (2023) Review - Idris Elba returns as Luther in BBC and Netflix feature film 'Luther: The Fallen Sun'. Co-starring Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis. It's fun for fans new and old. Review by Kieran Judge.
Polite Society (2023) GFF Review - "Truly, a star has been born in Priya Kansara" in Nida Manzoor's unique British coming-of-age film 'Polite Society', a film with all the makings of a smash hit. Review by Mark Carnochan.
An Ostrich Told Me the World Is Fake and I Think I Believe It (2022) Short Film Review - 'An Ostrich Told Me the World Is Fake and I Think I Believe It', the stop motion film nominated for Animated Feature at the Oscars 2023, is enchanting, unmissable. Review by Joseph Wade.
Scream VI (2023) Review - 'Scream VI', the latest instalment in the 'Scream' franchise, is one hell of a cinematic horror ride, though it lacks the new direction it promised. Review by Kieran Judge.
Living (2022) Review - Bill Nighy is utterly astonishing in 'Living' (2022), Kazuo Ishiguro's adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's 1952 film 'Ikiru' about old age and illness. Review by Kieran Judge.
My Year of Dicks (2022) Short Film Review - 'My Year of Dicks', the short film created by Pamela Ribon and nominated in the Oscars Animated Short category, is punk and loving, a great film. Review by Joseph Wade.
The Martha Mitchell Effect (2022) Short Film Review - Have you ever heard of the Martha Mitchell Effect? You probably should have. Diane Alvergue and Debra McClutchy tell the story behind the term. Review by Joseph Wade.
The Quiet Girl (2022) Review - Soft Colm Bairéad drama 'The Quiet Girl' (Irish: 'An Cailín Ciúin') is the first Irish film to ever be nominated for International Feature Film at the Oscars. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
Triangle of Sadness (2022) Review - Ruben Östlund film 'Triangle of Sadness' makes up for lacking commentary with absurdist comedy. Nominee for Best Picture at the Oscars 2023. Review by Emi Grant.
God’s Creatures (2022) GFF Review - Emily Watson and Paul Mescal lead 'God's Creatures', the latest high quality film to come from Ireland. "Rich with subtext and brilliant performances." Review by Mark Carnochan.
Girl (2023) GFF Review - 'Girl', the debut feature from Adura Onashile and 2023 Glasgow Film Festival opening night gala, features a charming performance from Le'Shantey Bonsu but is generally disappointing. Review by Mark Carnochan.
Haulout (2022) Short Film Review - 'Haulout', the short film about a unique natural event, must be seen as the extraordinary documentary of the Oscars' Documentary Short Subject category in 2023. Review by Joseph Wade.
Call Me Chihiro (2023) Review - Rikiya Imaizumi's Netflix Original 'Call Me Chihiro' (2023), is a quiet look at a lonely life that lacks the warmth and satisfaction you may expect. Review by Martha Lane.
Stranger at the Gate (2022) Short Film Review - Nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject at the 95th Academy Awards, Oscars 2023, Stranger at the Gate "encourages love in the face of fear". Review by Joseph Wade.
Cocaine Bear (2023) Review - 'Cocaine Bear', from director Elizabeth Banks, isn't mesmerizing cinema, but it was never expected to be; it is amusing and well made. Review by Jacob Davis.
The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse (2022) Short Film Review - Tom Hollander, Idris Elba and Gabriel Byrne lead the all-star Oscars Animated Short nominee 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' from Charlie Mackesy. Review by Joseph Wade.
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2022) Review - Dean Fleischer Camp and Jenny Slate enchant with their lovable stop-motion animation 'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On', one of the most human experiences of recent times. Review by John McDonald.
Joyland (2022) Review - Controversial Pakistan film 'Joyland', from debut writer-director Saim Sadiq, starring Ali Junejo and Alina Khan, will leave you with a new perspective on life. Review by Rob Jones.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) Review - Marvel Studios' 2023 'Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania' shows some imaginative flourishes, Jonathan Majors proving himself a charismatic villain. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
‘Army of Darkness’ at 30 – Review - 'Evil Dead' trilogy conclusion 'Army of Darkness' turns 30, and it's more ridiculous than ever before. From the mind of Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. Review by Kae M.
Brian and Charles (2022) Review - If you like deadpan delivery and surreal asides, you'll have a great time with British mockumentary 'Brian and Charles' (2022), from David Earl and Chris Hayward. Review by Sam Sewell-Peterson.
The Sea Beast (2022) Review - The Sea Beast, the classic combination of adventure, humour, a smart-alec kid, a reluctant adult, animal sidekick and a heart-warming lesson to learn. Review by Martha Lane.
Women Talking (2022) Review - Sarah Polley's Oscar-nominated 'Women Talking' (2022) starring Rooney Mara, Claire Foy and Jessie Buckley, is an empathetic conversation about sexual assault and community. Review by Emi Grant.
Tuesday (2015) Short Film Review - 'Tuesday' (2015), the debut short film from 'Aftersun' writer-director Charlotte Wells, "feels like a small peak through the looking glass" at the much-celebrated filmmaker's traits. Review by Joseph Wade.
Knock at the Cabin (2023) Review - M Night Shyamalan asks apocalypse-sized questions in his newest campy and philosophical film Knock at the Cabin (2022) starring Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff. Review by Emi Grant.
The Whale (2022) Review - Darren Aronofsky adapts Samuel D. Hunter's stage play in an attempt to speak to the truths in each of us, Brendan Fraser a charismatic and empathetic lead. Review by Katie Doyle.
Infinity Pool (2023) Review - Brandon Cronenberg film 'Infinity Pool' (2023) is bolstered by strong performances from Alexander Skarsgård and Mia Goth. It will surprise and disturb you. Review by Emi Grant.
Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical (2022) Review - The dance numbers are a fantastic spectacle and the songs are catchy and funny in 'Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical' (2022), the live-action adaptation starring Emma Thompson. Review by Martha Lane.
The Fabelmans (2022) Review - Steven Spielberg declares through rose-tinted spectacles and Americana-drenched nostalgia that art matters in his semi-autobiographical 2022 film 'The Fabelmans'. Review by Joseph Wade.
Babylon (2022) Review - Babylon (2022), the latest from La La Land's Damien Chazelle, is a reflective piece on cinema's celebrated silent era and the myth of Hollywood's studio system. Review by Joseph Wade.
Tár (2022) Review - There is a European sensibility to Todd Field's mature and considered take on cancel culture, Tár (2022), featuring a spectacular performance from Cate Blanchett. Review by Joseph Wade.
Empire of Light (2022) Review - Sam Mendes' follows up his award winning '1917' with the oblique and tripe 'Empire of Light' (2022/23) starring Olivia Colman, a film that isn't really for anyone. Review by Joseph Wade.
White Noise (2022) Review - Noah Baumbach, the filmmaker behind 'Marriage Story', adapts Don DeLillo's "White Noise" into a timely and darkly funny Netflix Original film starring Adam Driver. Review by Emi Grant.
Enys Men (2022) Review - Mark Jenkin follows his critically acclaimed feature debut 'Bait' with new colour horror film 'Enys Men' (2022), an example of his filmmaking prowess. Review by Mark Carnochan.