Jared Leto Gave ‘Horrific Gifts’ to Suicide Squad Co-Stars

Speaking in an interview with Vanity Fair, Viola Davis (who is set to play Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad), revealed that Jared Leto sent the cast a number of ‘horrific gifts’ upon being announced as The Joker for the upcoming film.

Davis recalls Leto hiring a henchman who would deliver the ‘gifts’ to his co-stars. According the award winning actress, the henchman ‘walked into the rehearsal room with a giant dead Pig and ploppped it on the table’. This was the actresses introduction to the actor and left her questioning his sanity. It was also added motivation for Davis who said that she reacted by acknowledging that she’d have to step up her game for her upcoming role.

Leto also sent co-star Margot Robbie (set to play The Joker’s partner Harley Quinn), a black Rat. A gift that was received with enthusiasm and has been kept by the actress.

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